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Osto- ja myynti-ilmoitukset ja distrolistat. Huutokauppalinkit kielletty.
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Liittynyt: 23 Elo 2002, 07:50
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20 Marras 2020, 10:52

Levyhyllyn siivous jatkuu. Nyt tarjolla Devilrya, Anal Blasphemya ja Uncreation's Dawnia.

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Brodequin: Instruments of torture
Brodequin: Festival of death
Faith no more: Angel dust
Курск: Черно
Курск: Ниже
My dying bride: As the flower withers
Thyrfing: Urkraft

Carpathian forest: Through chasm, caves and titan woods 2x7"
Devilry: Muslim genocide 7”

Devilry: Stormbolt 10”

Abyssic hate: A Decade of hate gf dlp
Anal blasphemy / Necroslut -split
Anal blasphemy: Profane fornication gf /100 white/black
Anal blasphemy: Perversions of satan gf
Anal blasphemy: Western decadence gf
Blutschrei: Voide of the forbidden pride /500
Devilry: Rites for the spring of supremacy gf
Drowned: Viscera Terræ
Night must fall: Dissonance of thought
Ondskapt: Arisen from the ashes
Svartsyn: Skinning the lambs
Svartsyn: Timeless reign gf
Uncreation’s dawn: Deathmarch over god’s kingdom
Uncreation’s dawn: Lightning hammer falls red
Uncreation's dawn: Death's tyranny gf dlp
V/A - Virus 100 (16 artist stone and assassinate Dead Kennedys songs)
Watain: Sworn to the dark gf dlp
Watain: Lawless darkness gf dlp

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Liittynyt: 23 Elo 2002, 07:50
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08 Tammi 2021, 10:32

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Autopsy: Skullgrinder
Blind guardian: Imaginations from the other side
Darkthrone: Circle the wagons
Darkthrone: Dark thrones and black flags
Darkthrone: F.O.A.D.
Diaboli: Invocation
Diaboli: Towards damnation
Graveland: Creed of iron
Graveland: The Celtic winter
Mercyful fate: In the shadows
Pain: Same old song - single
Sepultura: Blood-rooted
Serpentcult: Trident nor fire
Temnozor: Folkstorm of the azure nights
Temnozor: Sorcery of fragments
Thyrfing: Hels vite

Ra Al Dee Experience: Diatessaron
Samael: Since the Creation 6LP Box
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Liittynyt: 23 Elo 2002, 07:50
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29 Tammi 2021, 09:20

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Aura noir: Black thrash attack
Cast iron: Leather & metal
Deathspell Omega 5LP Box pic
Evil angel: Unholy evil metal /400
Evil angel: Unholy fight for metal
Glorior belli: O laudate dominus
Puissance: War on 151/333
V/A: Finnish german alliance gf clear/red
V/A: Suomesta saatanalle
Vorkreist: Sublimation XXIXA

Pain: Cynic paradise
Pain: Dancing with the dead + dvd
Pain: Nothing remains the same
Pain: Pain
Pain: Psalms of extinction
Pain: You only live twice
Sepultura: Chaos A.D.
Skepticism Aes mcd
Skepticism: Alloy
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Liittynyt: 23 Elo 2002, 07:50
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10 Helmi 2021, 09:22

Hyllystä poistuneita, eli ostakaahan pois!

Bathory: Requiem
Carcass: Necroticism – Descanting the insalubrious
Darkthrone: Arctic thunder
Darkthrone: The Underground resistance
Darkthrone: Transilvanian hunger
Diaboli: Anthems of sorrow
Diaboli: Mesmerized by darkness

Incriminated: Death nöize 10” /500

Batushka: Hospodi gf dlp
Batushka: Raskol gf gold
Black Sabbath: Devil and daughter
Incriminated: Hypocricide 202/400
Incriminated: The Promise of worse to come gf
Unearthly trance: In the red red
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Liittynyt: 23 Elo 2002, 07:50
Paikkakunta: Kouvola

10 Maalis 2021, 08:47

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Gallhammer: Gloomy lights
Les Discrets: Predateurs
Rammstein: Stripped - single
Rammstein: Amerika - single
Rammstein: Benzin - single
Rammstein: Rosenrot - single
Rammstein: Pussy – single
Satyricon: The Age of nero
Turmion kätilöt: Hoitovirhe
Turmion kätilöt: Niuva 20
Turmion kätilöt: Pirun nyrkki
Various: My own wolf – a new approach to ulver

Impiety / Surrender of divinity: Two majesties – An Arrogant alliance of Satan's extreme elite gf 2x7” 511/696
Inkisitor 7”

Drowning the light: The Land of the dead sun 10"
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