Satan's Fall - Final Day (2020)

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Satan's Fall
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Liittynyt: 19 Tammi 2016, 14:32

09 Marras 2020, 11:16

"Satan’s Fall shoots for the stars with their debut album – and while stylistically, “Final Day” harks back to metal’s past with the ante upped on all levels, there’s a musical and lyrical depth to the songs that set these Finns apart from the sad plethora of ironic retro-activists.

Eventually, “Final Day” is a subliminal statement of intent that seduces you into a world of mirrored sunglasses, denim, and leather … with a serious twist and surely not the acoustic lather the quintet’s mostly soap-dealing countryman keep creating!"

01. Forever Blind
02. Madness (Finds a Way)
03. They Come Alive
04. Retribution
05. Juggernaut
06. There Will be Blood
07. The Flamekeeper
08. Final Day

Release dates:
⚡️CD & Digital 11th of December 2020
⚡️LP 8th of January 2021

High Roller Records

Satan's Fall

Satan's Fall
Viestit: 28
Liittynyt: 19 Tammi 2016, 14:32

07 Joulu 2020, 15:58

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