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harald mentor
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08 Tammi 2018, 05:01


Internet radio show dedicated to underground music and noises. No safe spaces, no limit in madness.

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After three weeks break and before even longer break, here's an iron dose of underground madness past and present, in your ears and up your arse!! Black metal, death metal, thrash metal, space rock, power electronics, noisecore, oi! - that's far more than you asked for!!

Playlist January 8th 2018:

Black Mass Of Absu - The Inquisition
Epitaphe - Embers
Shadow's Mortuary - Kylmään hautaan
Anialator - Rise Again
Hazard Wings - Can't Kill The Stowaway Insects
The Day Of The Antler - Väri elämän on väri kuoleman
Kali Yuga Noise - Humanity Is The Worst Enemy Of Mankind
- Freak Of Nature
- Gypsy pt.II
- Fencesitter
- Democracy
- Fear Of God Plus
Ride For Revenge - Redrum (Upsidedown Cross cover)
Subhumannihilation - Mass Depopulation
Black Legion - Black Mass Of Ritual Bestiality
Condemned 84 - Fuck You

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