1.8. ROCKIA LAUANTAINA : Rückwater, Pike Zither, Stranded Mind hardrockhousessa

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Liittynyt: 19 Joulu 2019, 22:41

08 Heinä 2020, 10:47


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Keskustasta metrolla Herttoniemeen ja bussit 80 ja 82 Roihuvuorentie 1, Itäkeskuksesta bussi 82. yöbussit 94N sekä 95N ravintolan edestä alle 15min rautatientorille



This 3-headed stoner rock monster was born in 2010. It's first recording session took place in the same year. 7 songs were recorded during 3 burning hot summer days. The masterpiece is called "So Far Out...". It was a huge review success... Well, it would've been if we had sent it to somewhere. But we don't give a fuck!
Since then we've been giggin' and rockin' our asses off. And of course we've written some new classics meanwhile.
Early in 2013 we started began making our second record. This time the process was much more diligent and it took many months to get the new 5 classics ready. But result was worth the patience. "What's In The Box?" is probably the best EP ever!!!

In early 2016 we begin to record our third EP “Bonehead”. It was recorded live like the first EP “So Far Out”. Recording live is the most natural thing for the band. To catch the essence of Rückwater. It makes the record feel more raw, real and dynamic. Frustration about almost everything is maybe the main source for the whole record, you can hear it in the lyrics and the way the band plays.

After the Ep is released, our intention is to play as many show´s as possible and spread the message of Rück & Röll. Later this year, we begin to record our debut album, and hopefully get to play some shows abroad also.

! Rück & Röll !

Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Queens Of The Stone Age, Clutch, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pantera

Pike Zither

At a time when popular music is dominated by electronic, auto-tune based sounds, Pike Zither brings raw, ugly rock and roll crashing back. Meaty melodies are built by ferociously spitting out duelling guitar riffs that come at you like heavyweight rock classics. A limber rhythm section gives the music explosive dynamics and keeps it loose and powerful. Despite sprawling arrangements and shapeshifting sound variations, the music still bears a brutal vitality by screeching out tales of members roots and life. Pike Zither music is gritty, solid, hard, bluesy, dark, sleazy, refreshing and honest – everything that good rock music should be.

The bold attitude of the band attracts more and more attention amongst people and continues to grow its popularity. As it is drawing a major following with their outrageous live shows, Pike Zither has started doing gigs on explosive levels, marvelling all the new people that come across the group. The band doesn't lack for an identifying sound and is more than willing to share it with every music listener around the world.

Spotify: Pike Zither

Instagram: @pikezithermusic

Facebook: Pike Zither

"Bitter Smoke" -lyric video

Stranded Mind

Stranded Mind is a Finnish metal band formed in 2019 by Nico Massonnier (lead guitar, vocals), Lassi Siitonen (drums), Janne Kainulainen (bass) and Juho Hirvinen (lead guitar). Currently the band is working on its first studio LP: Carnival of Death.

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