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Materiaa pois hyllyistä. Kysy tai ehdota hintaa. Kunto- ja painostiedot saa myös yv:llä. Peruskama lähtee edullisesti, harvinaisuudet hivenen kalliimmalla.

Sijainti Turussa.


Abigor: Apocalypse MCD
Abominator/Mornaland -split: Prelude to world funeral
Abruptum: Vi sonus veris nigrae (digipack, FMP)
Absurd: Asgardsrei (digipack, Walknut Records)
Abyssic Hate: Suicidal emotions
AC/DC: Back in black (digipak)
Ad Hominem: ... for a new world
Ad Hominem: Climax of hatred
Ad Hominem: Dictator
Agathocles: Theatric symbolisation of life
Alien 3 soundtrack - Music composed and orchestrated by Elliot Goldenthal
Amestigon: Höllentanz MCD
Amorphis: Tuonela
Anathema: Serenades + bonus tracks (digipack)
Ancestors Blood: When the forest calls MCD
Ancient Rites: Dim carcosa (digipak)
Angelcorpse: Hammer of gods
Angelcorpse: Exterminate
Angelscourge: Seraph impaler (uusi)
Archgoat: Light-Devouring darkness
Argento Vivo: A celebrative journey into the Italian master of mayhem's dark realm (= Argenton leffojen musiikkia) (digipak)
Archon Satani: Memento mori
Aryan Blood/Evil -split (lim. 300)
Aura Noir: Black thrash attack (Malicious records)

Babylon Whores: Deggael MCD
Baltak: Zaginatiot grad
Bathory: Hammerheart
Beherit: Engram
Beherit/Archgoat split: Messe des morts/Angelcunt
Before God: Wolves amongst the sheep
Belketre: AMBRE Zuèrkl Vuordhrévarhtre (Tragic Empire Rex)
Bethlehem: Dark metal
Black Crucifixion: The fallen one of flames
Black Funeral: Belial arisen
Blasphemy: Gods of war/Blood upon the altar (digipak)
Blasphemy: Live ritual - Friday the 13th
Blood For Blood: Wasted youth brew
Burzum: Burzum/Aske (digipak)
Burzum: Hlidskjalf (digipak)
Burzum: Stemmen fra tårnet (digipak)
Burzum: Belus (digipak)
Burzum: Umskiptar (digibook)

Cannibal Corpse: The bleeding + bonus track & video (digipak)
Carcass: Reek of putrefaction
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds: Murder Ballads
Capricornus/Der Stürmer: Polish-Hellenic alliance against zog
Carpathian Forest: Through chasm, caves and titan woods MCD (Avantgarde Music)
Carpathian Forest: Strange old brew
Cathedral: The ethereal mirror
Celtic Frost: Morbid tales + bonus tracks
Celtic Frost: Monoteist
Charnel Winds: Der Teufesbund
Conqueror: Hammer of antichrist
Crucifixion Wounds: War summoning
Crucifier: The ninth year
Cultes Des Ghoules: Häxan
Cultes Des Ghoules: Henbane

Danzig: III - how the gods kill
Danzig: Circle of snakes
Dark Fury/White Devils/War -split: Alliance in hate
Darkthrone: Soulside journey (1. painos)
Darkthrone: Under a funeral moon (1. painos)
Darkthrone: Goatlord (digipak)
Darkthrone: Ravishing grimness
Dawn: Slaughtersun (Crown of the triarchy)
Dead Can Dance: s/t
Dead Can Dance: Into the labyrinth
Dead Can Dance A passage in time
Death In June: All pigs must die (digipak)
Deicide: In torment in hell
Denial Of God: The horrors of satan
Der Blutharsch: Der sieg des lichtes
Destroyer 666: Violence is the prince of this world (Modern Invasion 1995)
Destroyer 666: Unchain the wolves
Destruction: Mad butcher + Eternal devastation
Devilry: Treuelied
Diaboli: Unseen age of war
Diaboli: The antichrist
Diabolos Rising: 666 (+ vihkonen)
Dracula soundtrack
Drudkh: Autumn aurora
Drudkh: Forgotten legends
Drudkh: Blood in our wells
Dying Breed: Day of reckoning

Emperor: Emperor/Wrath of the tyrant
Endupdead: And the hell followed them
Enthroned: The apocalypse manifesto
Enthroned: Carnage in worlds beyond
Evil: Pagan fury 1994-1996
Evil/Sar/Thallium -split: Chaos to unleash a new age
Exordium: In wrath principle
Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack

Falkenbach: ...magni blandinn ok megintiri...
Fear Factory: Soul of a new machine + Fear is the mindkiller 2 CD
Fear Factory: Transgression + DVD
Forest: Forest
Frostkrieg: Majestätic eines kalten elements
Full Metal Jacket - Original motion picture soundtrack
Funeral Feast: Genocide ad nauseam

Gehennah: Decibel rebel
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies: Hated (The original soundtrack to the Todd Phillips film)
GG Allin: Violent beatings
GG Allin: Rock 'n' roll terrorist (2 CD)
Goatpenis: Trotz verbot, nicht tot
Goblin: Zombi - Dawn of the dead (The complete original motion picture soundtrack)
Gort: These are the true fucking Gort!!! (reh. 2006)
Grand Belial's Key: Judeobeast assassination (Drakkar)
Grand Belial's Key/Absurd/Sigrblot split: Weltenfeind
Graveland: Thousand swords (No Colours Records)
Graveland: Raise your sword! EP
Graveland/Honor -split: Raiders of revenge (digipak)
Graveland: In the glare of burning churches
Grinded Nig: Freezer full of nigger heads
Grom: Pagan war machine MCD
Grom/Sunwheel -split: Beastial onslaught/Prophecies of the aryan moon
Guns N' Roses: Appetite for destruction
Guns N' Roses: GN'R lies
Gwar: This toilet earth

Havohej: Dethrone the son of god
Hate Unit: s/t
Hellraiser II - Hellbound soundtrack
Hitler's Inferno Vol1
Hitler's Inferno Vol2
Honor/Graveland - split: Raiders of revenge (digipak)

Immolation: Close to a world below
Immortal: At the heart of winter
Impaled Nazarene: Nihil
Impaled Nazarene: Pro Patria Finlandia (digipak)
Impiety: Paramount evil (digipak)
Infernal War: Terrorfront
In Slaughter Natives: Resurrection
Infernal: s/t MCD
Infernum: Taur-nu-fuin
Iron Maiden: Dance of death
Iron Maiden: A matter of life and death
Iron Maiden: Final frontier
Iuvenes: Riddle of steel
Iuvenes: Towards sources of honour and pride
Iuvenes: Triumph of the will EP

Judas Priest: British steel (+ bonus tracks)
Judas Priest: Living after midnight

Katatonia: Brave murder day
Katatonia: Tonight's decision
Katharsis: VVorld vvithout end
Kopp, Hermann: Necronology - Music from the motion pictures Nekromantik, Der Todesking, Nekromantik 2
Krieg: The church MCD
Krisiun: Conquerors of armageddon (promo)

Maleficia: Songs of the nightbird
Malicious Onslaught: Brutal gore
Manowar: Sign of the hammer
Manowar: Battle hymns
Manowar: Kings of metal
Manowar: Sons of Odin
Marduk: Dark endless (No Fashion)
Marduk: Opus nocturne
Marduk: La Grande danse macabre
Marduk: Warschau
Metallica: Master of puppets
Misfits: Legacy of brutality
Mistreat: Battle cry
Mistreat: Never forgive... Never forget
Monumentum: Metastasi
Morbid Angel: Abominations of desolations
Morgana Lefay: Fata morgana
Motörhead: Ace of spades (kokoelma)
Motörhead: Orgasmatron (+bonus tracks)
Mütiilation: Vampires of black imperial blood (Tragic Empire rex)
Mütiilation: Rattenkönig
My Dying Bride: The angel and the dark river + 4 bonus tracks (digipak)
Mysticum: Planet satan (digibook)
Mz 412: Innomine dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi (Cold Meat Industry)

Nefandus: The nightwinds carried our names/Behold the hordes
Nefandus: Death holy death
Necromantia: Scarlet evil witching black
Necromantia: Ancient pride EP (digipak)
Neutron Hammer: Extermination hammer MCD
Nokturnal Mortum: Nechrist
Nokturnal Mortum: To the gates of blasphemous fire
Nåstrond: From a Black funeral coffin
Nåstrond: Muspellz synir

Octinomos: Fuckhole armageddon
Ofermod: Mystérion tés anomias MCD + 2 bonus tracks

Pantheon: Krihapentswor
Paradise Lost: Gothic (Peaceville 1991)
Perkele: Erotic circus (digipak)
Plaga: Pozeracze slonc MCD
Plaga: Magia gwiezdnej entropii
Platoon soundtrack
Plunder & Pillage: Desolate
Proclamation: Execration of cruel bestiality
Proclamation: Advent of the black oven
Proclamation: Messiah of darkness and impurity
Profanatica/Masacre split: Tormenting holy flesh/Ola de violencia
Profanatica: Disgusting blasphemies against god
Profanatica: Collection
The Protagonist: A reboirs
Puissance: Mother of disease (digipak)
Puissance: Total cleansing (digipak)

Requiem For A Dream soundtrack - Original music composed by Clint Mansell, featuring Kronos Quartet
Reservoir Dogs soundtrack
Revenge: Superion. Command. Destroy (promo)
Revenge: Triumph. Genocide. Antichrist
Revenge: Infiltration. Downfall. Death

Sadus: Chemical exposure
Samael: Worship him
Samael: Blood ritual
Samael: Rebellion MCD (digipack)
Sanctus: Lubus in fabula
Sarcofago: The anal rape of god
Satanic Slaughter: s/t (Necropolis)
Satyricon: Dark medieval times (Fog001)
Sentenced: Shadows of the past
Sentenced: Amok
Sentenced: Down
Sentenced: Frozen
Shitter Limited: Best of
Slayer: Live decade of aggression 2 CD
Slayer: Christ illusion
Slayer: World painted blood
Slayer: Diabolus in musica (2CD)
Slogun: The pleasures of death (digipak)
Sodom: In the sign of evil/Obsessed by cruelty
Sodom: Persecution mania
Sotajumala: Teloitus
Spear of Longinus: Nothing is forever, and forever is nothing
SS Bootboys: 3 steps (+ bonus tracks) E.P.
Suicidal Winds: Crush us with fire EP
Sunwheel: Monuments of the elder faith MCD
Svartidaudi: Flesh cathedral (digipak)

Testament: The ritual
Testament: Souls of black
Testament: Low
Testament: Formation of damnation (digibook + DVD)
Thor's Hammer: Three weeds from the same root
Twin Peaks soundtrack

Unleashed: Warrior (digipak)
Usurper: Skeletal season (promo)

V/A: Blazebirth Hall Circle - Hammerkrieg
V/A: No Colours Compilation III - Victory through domination
V/A: Presumed Guilty: Misantropy, Elfenblut, Heroine compilation
V/A: Suomelle - Isänmaallisia lauluja (Polyteknikkojen Kuoro, Kaartin Soittokunta, Tapani Länsiö, Elias Seppälä)
V/A: True Kings Of Norway (Ancient, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Immortal) (digipak)
Vader: Reign forever world MCD
Vapaudenristi/Pyhä Kuolema -split
Vapaudenristi: Ikuinen kuolema
Venom: At war with Satan
Viking Crown: Unorthodox steps of ritual (digipak)
Violent Storm: Celtic warrior
Vitsaus: Iäti vihassa ja kunniassa 2CD
Vlad Tepes/Belketre: March to the black holocaust (Tragic Empire Rex)
Vond: Selvmord (Malicious Records 004)

Warage/Wulfhere -split: Pan-Aryan unity
Warloghe: The first possession
Warloghe: Womb of pestilence
W.A.S.P.: WASP/The final command 2 CD
Watain: Sworn to the dark
Weird Tales Of Madness Vol 1
Wewelsburg: Ultima intolerance
Wounds: Chaos theory
Wounds: Morbid holocaust (uusi)
Wewelsburg: Ultima intolerance


Abhorer: Upheaval of blasphemy 7"
Abigor: Verwüstung/Invoke the dark age (gatefold LP)
AC/DC: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
AC/DC: Fly on the wall
AC/DC: Razor's edge
Ad Hominem: Planet zog - The end (gatefold)
Ad Hominem/Ornaments of Sin -split: Treaty of alliace 7"
Adramelech: Spring of recovery 7" (Adipocere Records 1992)
Agathocles/Drudge -split: Suppose it was you
Ancient Rites: Evil prevails... 7" (Fallen Angel Records 1992)
Ancient Rites/Thou Art Lord: 7" (Molon Lave Records 1993)
Angelcorpse: Iron, blood & blasphemy (gatefold 2LP)
Archgoat: Angelslaying black fuckin' metal 7"

Bannerwar: Chronicles of pagan steel (gatefold) 7"
Beherit: Electric doom synthesis (UUSI)
Blood For Blood: Revenge on society
Bloodfeast: War in a babylon (japsi hc) 7"

Carcass: St. Georges Hall, Bradford 15/11/89 7"
Clockwork Orange soundtrack
Creepers soundtrack
Dark Angel: Leave scars
Der Stürmer/War 88 -split: Once and again plundering the zion 7"
Der Stürmer/Totenburg: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum -split
Der Stürmer/Evil/Nacht Und Nebel split: Those who want to create... must have the will to destroy 7"
Destruction: Sentence of death MLP (Banzai Records)
Deströyer 666: Terror abraxas
Devilry: Inhumane regiment 7"
Devilry/Ravening split 7"
Devilry/Throneum split 7"
Devilry: Muslim genocide
Devilry: Rites for the spring of supremacy (gatefold)
Diaboli: Descent into hell 7"

Evil/Satanic Warmaster -split: Southern/Carelian black metal holocaust 7" (UUSI)

Fuck Up's/Triple Twenty/Haggis/Bankers -split 7" (OI!)

GG Allin: Scumfuc tradition
GG Allin: The masturbation session 10"
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies: Terror in America live 1993
Goatpenis: Inhumanization (UUSI)
Goatpenis/ Death Squadron -split: High temperature fires/Death before extinction 7" (UUSI)
Gorgoroth: Under the sign of hell (UUSI)
Graveland: Blood of heroes 7"
Graveland: Fire chariot of gods (UUSI)
Hardware: Souls vortex 7"

Immortal: s/t 7" (Listenable Records 1991)
Impaled Nazarene: Manifest 2x10" (UUSI)
Impaled Nazarene: Sadogoat 7"
Impending Doom/Exmortem -split: Cromlech/Berserker legions 7"
Impiety: Salve the goat - Iblis exelsi 7" (Shivadarshana Records)
Impiety: Asateerul awaleen (UUSI, mutta kansi hieman vääntynyt kulmasta)
Impiety: Skullfucking armageddon
Incantation: Entrantment of evil 7" (Relapse Records 1991)
Inferno/Infernal War split: Hrdi a silni/Satanic martial terror 7"
Iron Youth: Faith is stronger than fire (UUSI)

Loits: Meeste muusika 7"
Manowar: Fighting the World
Marduk: Plague angel
Misfits: Die, die my darling
Misfits: Walk among us
Misfits: The famous monster demos
Motörhead: Bomber & Ace of spades (2 LP)
Musta Surma: Riena MLP
Necrobiosis/Intense Agonizing split 7"
Nihilistics: Bad... Dirty... Hate
Nåstrond/Myrkr -split 10" (UUSI)
Nåstrond/Nocternity split: Times of mist/Vargtid 7" (UUSI)
Puhelinkoppi: Vuohennussima letukka 7"
Profanatica: Profanatitas de domonatia (gatefold UUSI)
Rotting Christ: Dawn of the iconoclast 7" (Decapitated Records 1992)

Satanic Warmaster/Evil -split: Southern/Carelian black metal holocaust
Sodom: Obsessed by cruelty (Banzai Records)
Tankard: The morning after
Tankard: Chemical invasion
Setherial: Hell eternal (UUSI)
Tankard: The meaning of life
Thor's Hammer: The fate worse than death
Thou Art Lord/Ancient Rites 7" (Molon Lave Records 1993)
Throneum: Streams of aggression 7"

V/A: Doomsday News - Thrashing East Live (Kreator, Tankard, Sabbat, Coroner)
Vapaudenristi: Tuomittu vihaamaan 7"Varathron: One step beyond dreams (Black Vomit 1991)
Warloghe: Unlighted 7" (Demonion Productions)
Warloghe: Lucifer ascends 7" (UUSI)
W.A.S.P.: The final command
Whiplash: Ticket to mayhem


Alford, Kenneth D. & Savas P. Theodore: Natsimiljonäärit
Archer, Nathan: Predator - Concrete jungle
Bach, Steven: Leni Riefenstahl - Elämänkerta
Barker, Clive: Veren kirjat 5
Biondi, Ray & Walt Hecox: The dracula killer - The story of California's vampire killer
Bock, Ior: Väinämöisen mytologia
Brantberg, Robert: Sotasankarit

Carrére, Emmanuel: Valhe
Codreanu, Cornelius Zelea: For my legionaries (The Iron Guard)
Crowley, Aleister: Lain kirja (2. painos)
Dostojevski, Fjodor: Sorrettuja ja solvattuja
Douglas, John: Journey into darkness - The FBI's premier investigator penetrates the minds and motives of the most terrifying serial killers
Ehrnrooth, Adolf & Lehtonen, Marja-Liisa: Kenraalin testamentti
Freud, Sigmund: Unien tulkinta

Gaddis, Thomas E. & Long, James O.: Panzram - A journal of murder
Giger, HR: HR Giger ARh+

Halsti, Wolf H.: Suomen puolustaminen
Halsti, Wolf H.: Talvisodan päiväkirja
Harden, Blaine: Leiri 14
Harris, Robert: Pompeji
Harrison, Shirley: Viiltäjä-Jackin päiväkirja
Hasford, Gustav: Metallivaippa
Hermonen, Merja: Pimeä hehku - Satanismi ja saatananpalvonta 1990-luvun nuorisokulttuurissa
Hopkins, Matthew: Noitain paljastaminen
Hämäläinen, Albert: Ihmisruumiin nesteet suomalais-ugrilaisten kansojen keskuudessa

Iggulden, Conn: Keisari - Rooman portit
Iggulden, Conn: Keisari - Sodan jumalat
Irving, David: Rommel
Ivanov, Boris: Rituaali (Kansallis-Mytologinen Yhdistys)

Jaatinen, Pekka: Silmää räpäyttämättä - Amin Asikaisen tarina
Jakhelln, Cornelius: Jumalten tuho
Jordan, Robert: Conan lannistumaton
Jyrkäs, Juha: Ouramoinen
Jägerskiöld, Stig: Suomen marsalkka
Jääkärien elämäntyö - Itsenäisyyden puolesta
Kallonen, Kari & Sarjanen, Petri: Leijonamieli 1919-1949 (pokkari)
Kallonen, Kari & Sarjanen, Petri: Purppurasydän 1949-1965
Kallonen, Kari: Lauri Törni - Albumi
Kallonen, Kari & Sarjanen, Petri: Lauri Törni - Legenda (sis. kirjat Leijonamieli, Purppurasydän ja Ristiretki yksissä kansissa) + 2 Törni-postikorttia
Kivimäki, Ville: Murtuneet mielet
Kotkavuori, Tapio: Vasemman käden polku
Krohn, Julius: Pakanuuden aikakausi - Kertomuksia Suomen historiasta (Salakirjat)
Kurvinen, Jorma: Viimeinen viivytys

Lavey, Anton: Satan speaks!
Lane, Brian & Gregg, Wilfred: The encyclopedia of serial killers

De Madariaga, Isabel: Iivana Julma
Marxilais-leniniläinen valtio- ja oikeusoppi (Moskova Kustannusliike Progress)
Melaouhi, Abdallah: Rudolf Hess - viimeiset vuodet ja kuolema
Moss, Jason: The last victim - A true-life journey into the mind of the serial killer
Moynihan, Michael & Soderlind Didrik: Lords of chaos (2. ed.)
Muinainen viisaus: I ching - Kätketyn silmän salaisuudet
Muinainen viisaus: Kiinalainen astrologia - Tähtien salaisuudet
Muinainen viisaus: Tarot - Korttien salaisuudet
Mukka, Timo K: Maa on syntinen laulu & Tabu
Müller, Thomas: Ihmispeto
Mustakirja - Vuonna 1862 löydetty suomalainen noitakirja

N.A-A.218: The book of Sitra Achra - A grimoire of the dragons of the other side (Ixaxaar, Black serpent edition)
N.A-A.218: Liber Falxifer II
N.A-A.218: Liber Falxifer III
Nefastos, Johannes: Discordamelior - Kadotuksen filosofia ("Korjattu ja täydennetty laitos", VIHKONEN, ei Salakirjojen julkaisu)
Nefastos, Johannes: Polyharmonia - Ykseyden filosofia ("Korjattu ja täydennetty laitos", VIHKONEN, ei Salakirjojen julkaisu)
Nefastos, Johannes: Luciferin katekismus (Ixaxaarin 1. painos)
Nefastos, Johannes: Catechism of Lucifer (Ixaxaar leatherbound edition)
Newton, Michael: Still at large - A casebook of 20th century serial killers who eluded justice
Nordling, Iiro: Pekka Siitoinista Jussi Halla-ahoon - Suomen kansallismielisten lyhyt historia 1970-2012

Overman, Anthony: Sexual Satanism - or how to seduce women by magic

Palolampi, Erkki: Kollaa kestää
Poliisi kertoo 1974
Poliisi kertoo 1986
Poliisi kertoo 1992
Pranaitis, I.B.: Salainen talmud ja jeesus kristus (Kansallis-Mytologinen Yhdistys)
Pressfield, Steven: Tuliportit (kirjastopoisto)
Puuronen, Vesa: Valkoisen vallan lähettiläät - Rasismin arki ja arjen rasismi

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich: Meditaatio
Rolling, Danny & London, Sondra: The making of a serial killer - The real story of the Gainesville murders in the killer's own words
Roselius, Aapo: Teloittajien jäljillä
Rönnquist, Lars & Vuorenmaa, Anssi: Törnin jääkärit
Rushdie, Salman: Saatanalliset säkeet

Saberhagen, Fred & Hart, James V.: Draculan tarina
Salomaa, Paula: Nyrkkisankarin tunnekoulu
Sarjanen, Petri: Sahara
Schaefer, G.J.: Killer fiction - Stories that convicted the ex-cop of murder
Scott, Robert: Savage
Siltala, Juha: Lapuan Liike ja kyyditykset 1930
Simon: Necronomicon
Simon: The gates of the necronomicon
Simon: Dead names - The dark history of the necronomicon
Sotos, Peter: Tick
Sturluson, Snorri: Norjan kuningassaagoja
Sullivan, Terry: Killer clown - The John Wayne Gacy murders
Suomalainen korpisoturi - Taistelijan elämää talvi- ja jatkosodassa

Tarkkonen, Unto: Talvisodan miehet
Thompson, Jim: Alkoholistit
Thompson, Jim: Huijarit
Thompson, Jim: Hurja yö
Tucker- Jones, Anthony: Jihad - taistelevan islamin taustat
Tyrkkö, Jukka: Lauri Törnin tarina
Vexior 218: Panparadox - Pan towards chaos (Ixaxaar 1. painos)

Weinstein, Fannie: Where the bodies are buried - The true story of Herb Baumeister, Indiana's worst serial murderer
Welsh, Irvine: Liima
Wilson, Colin: The mammoth book of murder
Wilson, Colin: A plague of murder - The rise and rise of serial killing in the modern age
Woods, Paul Anthony: Ed Gein - Psycho


Barker, Clive & Gaiman, Neil & Ross, Alex: Hellraiser - Collected best
Chiarello, Mark: Batman - Musta ja valkoinen osa 1
Miller, Frank: Yön ritari

SERIAL KILLER MAGAZINE #1 - #20 (kaikki uudenveroisessa kunnossa, linkki: https://www.serialkillercalendar.com/Al ... gazine.php)


Crown of thorns: Eternal death CD/LP
Death: Human CD/LP
Dismember: Indecent & obscene CD/LP
Immolation: Dawn of possession CD/LP
Lord Wind: ehdota!
Mgla: Exercises in futility CD/LP
Mgla: Age of excuse CD/LP
Paradise Lost: Draconian times CD/LP
Paradise Lost: Obsidian
Slatanic Slaughter 1
Thangorodrim: Taur-nu-fuin
Thangorodrim: Gil-estel
Viogression: Expound & exhort
Choke DVD
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Antaeus: Blood libels (digipak)
Black Funeral: Vampyr - Throne of the beast
Deicide: When Satan lives
Devilry: Stormbolt
Enthroned: Prophecies of pagan fire (Evil Omen)
Gehenna: Seen through the veils of darkness (The second spell) (Nihil/Cacophonous)
Malign: Divine facing/Fireborn (digipak)
Thergothon: Stream from the heavens (AvantgardeMusic 001)
Thorns: s/t
Celtic Frost: Morbid tales (Banzai Records)
Keskisarja, Teemu: Kyynelten kallio - Kertomuksia seksistä ja väkivallasta
Keskisarja, Teemu: Kirves
Ravenscroft, Trevor: Pyhä keihäs
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SERIAL KILLER MAGAZINE #1 - #20 (kaikki uudenveroisessa kunnossa, linkki: https://www.serialkillercalendar.com/Al ... gazine.php)
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Capricornus: Alone against all
Der Stürmer: A banner greater than death
Skid Row: s/t
Skrewdriver: All skrewed up
Tankard: The meaning of life

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Crown of thorns: Eternal death CD/LP
Death: Human CD/LP
Immolation: Dawn of possession CD/LP
Mgla: Exercises in futility CD/LP
Mgla: Age of excuse CD/LP
Paradise Lost: Draconian times CD/LP
Paradise Lost: Obsidian
Viogression: Expound & exhort
Choke DVD
The color out of space DVD
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Lisäyksiä ja poistoja.
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