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Osto- ja myynti-ilmoitukset ja distrolistat. Huutokauppalinkit kielletty.
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Viimeksi muokannut Ottoone, 21 Kesä 2020, 16:12. Yhteensä muokattu 1 kertaa.

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Fredrik Thordendal - Sol Niger Within
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14 Touko 2020, 20:10

Amenra - Mass IIII - VI
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Ostetaan Barathrumin CD:t


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Hakusessa Belphegor - totenritual cd. Annan vaihdokin tai rahaa. Pari ekaa cdnä vois myös kiinnostaa.
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15 Joulu 2012, 15:49
Nämä CD:t edelleen hakusessa:

Brave: Waiste deep in dark waters EP
Keith Caputo: A Fondness for hometown scars + Live monsters + Died laughing:Unplugged + Hearts blood on your dawn
David Benson: Purpose of the cross
David Benson: Premonition of doom
John Christ: Flesh caffeine
M-Squad: Smoke
M-Squad: 1st album

Ylläolevia voin ostaakin, allaolevien (CD-formaatissa) osalta mieluiten vaihdot, listani löytyy tältä laudalta :

(El Duce´s) Mentors: Live and popular
(The Lord Weird) Slough Feg: Koko tuotanto
Abramis Brama: Tarjoa
Absolute Steel: The Fair bitch project
Acid Reign: The Worst of Acid Reign
Agent Steel: Skeptics apocalypse
Agnostic Front: Kaikki levyt alkaen 1999->
Alter Bridge: One day remains + livelevyt
Bathory: Under the sign of the black mark
Bathory: Destroyer of worlds
Bathory: Nordland I & II
Black Sabbath: Cross purposes
Blood Farmers: Headless eyes
Burning Witch: Crippled Lucifer
Carnivore: Retaliation
Carnivore: S/T
Darklands: A Memory of you CDS
Doomsword: The Eternal battle (2011) CD
Electric Wizard: We live, Let us pray, Pre-Electric Wizard 1989–1994
Emil Bulls: Kaikki levyt väliltä 1997-2008 + viimeisin
The Hidden Hand: Devoid of color EP+DVD
Impaled Nazarene: Ugra karma
Iron Hearse: Get in the hearse
Jimsonweed: Invisible plan - digipak
King´s X: Black like Sunday, Ear candy, Live all over the place, Live & Live Some More: Dallas '94 2CD, Tales From The Empire: Cleveland 6.26.92
Mentors: Sex, drugs & rock´n´roll CD
Rage: Trapped!
Screaming Trees: Kaikki väliltä 1986-1989
Stratovarius: Dreamspace CD
Stratovarius: Fright night CD
Stratovarius: Twilight time CD
Tank: Live And Rare
Tank: Still at war
Tank: War of attrition CD
The River: In situ
Tremonti: Kaikki soolot
Twisted Tower Dire: Kaikki
Under The Sun: Man Of Sorrow
Venom: Prime evil & Temples of ice
Warcollapse: Crust as fuck existence MCD tai kokoelma, jolla ko. MCD
Warrior Soul: Last Decade Dead Century, Odds & Ends (Fucker), Live in England, Destroy the War Machine
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ostan tai vaihdan:
Aggression,The Full Treatment
Agnostic Front-Liberty & Justice For...
Asphyx-Mutilating Process 7"
Autopsy-Mental Funeral LP
Autopsy-Retribution For The Dead "12
Autopsy-Fiend For Blood "12
Altars Of Destruction,Painful Awakening 7"
Angel Witch,Angel Witch 7"
Angel Witch-Angel Witch
Angel Witch-Doctor Phibes
Angel Witch-Sweet Danger 12"
Black Sabbath,Tyr LP
Black Sabbath,Headless Cross LP
Black Sabbath,Forbidden LP
Bolt Thrower,Realm Of Chaos
Bolt Thrower,The Peel Sessions 12"
Bolt Thrower-Cenotaph 12"
Carbonized,For The Security
Carcass,Heartwork LP
Carcass,The Heartwork EP
Carcass-Tools Of The Trade 12"
Cathedral,Forest Of Equilibrium
Cathedral,Soul Sacrifice 12"
Celtic Frost,Tragic Serenades
Celtic Frost,I Won't Dance 12"
Cro-Mags,Best Wishes
Crumbsuckers-Life Of Dreams
Destructor,Maximum Destruction
Dismember,Like An Ever Flowing Stream LP
Dismember,Pieces 12"
Death Breath,Let It Stink 12"
D.R.I.- Definition
D.R.I.-Full Speed Ahead
Druid-Vampire Cult
English Dogs- Forward Into Battle
Entombed,Out Of Hand 12"
Entombed,Out Of Hand 7"
Entombed,Crawl 12"
Entombed,Stranger Aeons 12"
Entombed,Wolverine Blues LP
Entombed, To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth LP
Funebre,Children Of The Scorn LP
Funebre,Brainspoon 7"
Funebre,Cranial Torment
Fates Warning,The Spectre Within
Fates Warning,Awaken The Guardian
Flotsam&Jetsam-Doomsday For The Deceiver
Gang Green-Another Wasted Night
Heavy Load-Metal Conquest 12"
Heavy Load-Death Or Glory
Invocator,Excursion Demise
Iron Angel- Hellish Crossfire
Jimsonweed,Hippies From Hell CD
Jimsonweed,Jimsonweed CD EP
Jericho Fuzz,Last Mission On Earth CD
Kreator,Endless Pain
King Diamond,Halloween 12" Pic
King Diamond-The Eye
Liege Lord-Burn To My Touch
Liege Lord-Freedom's Rise
Loudblast / Agressor,Licensed To Thrash split LP
Massacre,Inhuman Condition 12"
Mekong Delta-The Music Of Erich Zann
Merciless-Realm Of The Dark 7"
Mercyful Fate,Black Funeral 7" Pic
Morbid Angel,Covenant LP
Nihilist-Radiation Sickness 7"
Obliveon,Fiction Of Veracity Cass
Omen,The Curse
Omen,Battle Cry
Omen,Warning Of Danger
Overkill,Overkill,Metal Storm Records 12"
Overkill-The Years Of Decay
Overkill-Under The Influence
Pentagram,Hurricane 7"
Pentagram,Under My Thumb 7"
Pentagram,Pentagram(Devil4) LP
Pentagram (Chile),Fatal Predictions 7"
Piledriver,Stay Ugly
Paradise Lost,Frozen Illusion 7"
Paradise Lost,As I Die 12"
Power Trip,Opening Fire: 2008-2014
Protected Illusion,Sandman´s Store 7"
Queensryche-The Warning
Razor-Malicious Intent
Razor-Evil Invaders
Repulsion,1991 Demo
Repulsion,Excruciation 7"
Rigor Mortis,The Original Unadulterated Freaks Demonstration Recordings CD
Ripping Corpse,Splattered Remains
Sabbat(UK),Wildfire / The Clerical Conspiracy 7"
Sabbat(UK),Burning Into The Fire CDr
Sacred Blade-Of The Sun + Moon
Savage-We Got The Edge 12"
Savage-Loose 'N Lethal
Savage Grace-The Dominatress 12"
Savage Grace-Master Of Disguise
Sodom,Expurse Of Sodomy 12" Maxi
Sodom,Persecution Mania LP
Sortilège,Larmes De Heros
Slaughter,Nocturnal Hell 7"
Slayer,Seasons In The Abyss Uncut 12"
Slayer,Criminally Insane (Remix)7"
Saint Vitus,Die Healing
Saint Vitus,C.O.D.
Salem's Wych,Betrayer Of Kings
Sheer Terror,Just Can't Hate Enough
Solitude Aeturnus,Into The Depths Of Sorrow
Solitude Aeturnus,Beyond The Crimson Horizon
Speedtrap- Raw Deal
Tank-Armour Plated
Tank-Echoes Of A Distant Battle 12"
Therion,Beyond Sanctorum LP
Tyrant,Legions Of The Dead
The Rods,Heavier Than Thou
Vendetta,Search In The Darkness 12"
Voïvod,War And Pain LP
Voïvod,Negatron/Phobos 2xLP
Voïvod,Mechanical Mind 7"
Voïvod,Kluskap O' Kom 7"
Voivod-Phobos cd
Voivod-Into My Hypercube cd
Winter-Winter 12"
Xecutioner,Metal Up Your Ass 7"
Xysma,Lotto / Girl On The Beach CD
Xysma,Girl On The Beach CD
Xysma,Above The Mind Of Morbidity 12"
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