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17 Syys 2015, 00:35

Diablo haastattelua ja uunituoreen levyn kuuntelua Perjantaina klo 20.

Hopëiseen Horizonttiin uupuminen mahdollista. Toisinsanoen jos en levyä saa niin lähetys siirtyy hamaan tulevaisuuteen.

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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

28 Syys 2015, 21:12

Lauantaina 3.10. klo 20 Mölybdeenin haastattelussa Moonsorrow. Haastattelu äänitetty juhannuksena Nummirockissa.

Soitossa uunituoreet lättysiivut bändeiltä: Queensrÿche, Mörbid Vomit, Grave, Dead Soul...
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

03 Loka 2015, 21:54

Mölybdeeni 3.10.15
Serrabulho: Pornocchio
Wasted Shells: Tox
77: It's Alright
Heart Of A Coward: Turmoil I – Wolves
Queensrÿche: All There Was
Malevolent Creation: Blood of the Fallen
Dead Soul: The Fool
GUS G: Come Hell Or High Water
Caligula's Horse: Rust
The Shrine: Death To Invaders
Grave: Plain Pine Box
Vhod: So Pass Away/Locus Mortis
New Years Day: Left Inside
(Moonsorrow haastattelu)
Moonsorrow: Köyliöjärven jäällä
Vhod: So Pass Away/Locus Mortis
LazyBonez: Lonely (featuring Stefan Schwarzmann)
Mörbid Vomit: The Seed of Human Scum
The Physcists: Being Normal
Pokerface: Kingdom of Hate
Anticosm: Killing Machine
Vampire: Night Hunter
Il Vuoto: And Night Devours Me
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

17 Loka 2015, 18:57

Soitossa Swallow The Sunin marraskuussa ilmestyvältä Songs from the Northilta maistiainen ja Nummirockissa tehty Steve'n'Seagulls haastattelu.

Eli tänään lauantaina klo 20 alkaen Radioverkko.fi auki!
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

17 Loka 2015, 23:16

Mölybdeeni 17.10.15 2-vuotis synttärit
Abandoned Dreams: Keep The Lights Burning
The Shrine: Savage Skulls And Nomads
'77: Tightrope
Islay: Self Adulation
Onelegman: Deconstruction
Chaos: Dream Alive
Atomic Symphony: Abyss
Suatana: For My Iced Angel
Swallow The Sun: Pray For The Winds To Come
(Steve'n'Seagulls haastattelu)
Steve'n'Seagulls: Seek & Destroy
PsychoTapu feat. Military: Tao-Tao
Thy Worshiper: Halny
Al-Namrood: Ana Al Tughian
Hautajaisyö: Päänsärkijä
Elferya: Toys of a Modern Man
Swallow The Sun: Heartstrings Shattering
Revolted Masses: DiscrimiNation
Arreat Summit: Underlife
Hornwood Fell: The Rebellion
Sadist: Pachycrocuta
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

06 Marras 2015, 00:24

Perjantaina 6.11. klo 22-00 Mölybdeeni. Haastattelussa Battle Beast ja Carnalation.
Soitossa myös Swallow the Sunia tulevalta Song from the North albumilta.
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

21 Marras 2015, 18:32

Mölybdeeni 6.11.15
Swallow The Sun: The Gathering Of Black Moths
Herscher: Old Lands
Abatuar: Sádicos métodos de aniquilación natural para la erradicación de las razas; perversiones de una tierra vírica
Alien Syndrome 777: The Bleeding Anthill of the Universe
Worthless: Mortal Pilgrimage
Neuronia: Dialogues of a Love Lost
Matubes: Left Hand Path
TimeKillers: Friday The 13th
Psychosomatic: Nineteen Eleven
(Battle Beast Nooran haastattelu)
Battle Beast: Black Ninja
Battle Beast: Touch in the night
(Carnalation Jonnen haastattelu)
Carnalation: Against the Burning Sky
MuckRaker: Rise Of The Loggerheads
Seed Husk: New Page
Devin Townsend Project: Lucky Animals (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)
Sadism: Mother Of Prostitutes
MACHINÆ: Into Light
Intronaut: The Pleasant Surprise
Firespawn: Spirit Of The Black Tide
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

21 Marras 2015, 20:52

Mölybdeeni 21.11.15
An Ocean Of Void: An Ocean of Void Part. I
An Ocean Of Void: Behind Red Clouds
Intronaut: The Pleasant Surprise
Verjnuarmu: Kuoleman ruotu
The Chant: Parallel
Swallow The Sun: The Memory Of Light
Firespawn: Imperial Burning
Dauden: My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
Dark The Suns: Reflections
(Ranger haastattelu)
Ranger: Shock Skull
Medeia: Franpire
(Medeia haastattelu)
Medeia: Kings
Vorna: Yksin
The Maledict: Frozen
Endless Revovery: Leather Militia
Devin Townsend Project: Heatwave (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)
Insision: Infected
Standing Ovation: Killer Iron
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

11 Joulu 2015, 19:39

Mölybdeenin haastattelussa Suamenlejjona ja WÖYH. Promolevyjä tipahdellut studioon niin kiitettävästi, että lähetys sai lisätunnin.
Eli launtaina jo Klo 17 kannattaa pistää Radioverkko.FI striimi auki!
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

26 Joulu 2015, 11:57

Mölybdeeni 12.12.15
Kzohh: Massebegravelser
Visions of the night: Assaulting Fortress Europe
Funeral Marmoori: Drunk in Hell
Chastain: Against All the Gods
Battle Path: Ascension
Dark Symphonica: Envy
Black Blood: Doomriders
Zombieslut: Revenge of the Malevolent Unmade
Amiensus: One in Spirit
Escalane: Careless
Ancient Spell: Fall of Humanity
Musta Risti: Laivue
Wolfhorde: Death Long-Due
Obscure Oracle: All That Is Not Lost
Wrathrone: Failing Flesh Enduring Spirit
(Suamenlejjona haastattelu)
Suamenlejjona: Keppana viimeinen
(Wöyh haastattelu)
WÖYH: Kamppailu merellä
Echelon: Cadre
Abythic: Return to the Origin
Bone Gnawer: Circle of the Cannibals
Bloodlash: Spring, Devoured
Ascendor: Fear of God
Scarecell: Buried Alive
Proll Guns: Fucking Troublemaker
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

26 Joulu 2015, 12:13

Lauantaina klo 19 Tapsan Jouluräyhässä katsanto juuri ilmestyneisiin ja tuleviin metallilevyihin.

Ja Sunnuntaina klo 19 alkaen kaikki Heavyjuuserin kesällä 2015 tehdyt haastattelut samassa paketissa.
Extrana ennen kuulematon Apulanta basisti Villen haastattelu.

Haastateltavat bändit:
Moonsorrow, Diablo, Battle Beast, Steve'n'Seagulls, Ranger, Suamelejjona, WÖYH, Medeia, Carnalation.

Haastattelut kuultavissa myöhemmin osoitteessa:radioverkko.fi/tallenteet
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

26 Joulu 2015, 22:05

Mölybdeeni 26.12.15
Costin Chioreanu: An Empire Beneath Oblivion
Heervader: Voorwaarts!
Ancestors Blood: Deceiver for Power and Glory
Heimdalls Wacht: Der letzte Marsch
Absolutus: Pugnare in iis quae obtinere non possis
Grave Forsaken: Strike The Oppressor
Virvel Av Morkerhatet: Personification Of Adventurer. Overdose
Blackdeath: Totenburg
Drama: Create Your Death
Shivers Addiction: Eternal Damnation
Elarmir: False Myth
Last Frontier: The Root of His Anger
Aghast Afterglow: Gaze my Sin
Selvans: O Clitumne!
Ensigh: Falling From Above
Endless Recovery: Storming Death
Charm Designer: The Replicant
Old Forest: Tweoneleoht
Monigo: canapés de mierda
SOL: Greet the dawn (for F)
Krasseville: Tête creuse (instr)
Mortuary: Above
Battle Path: A Thirst for Blood
Black Tide: No Guidelines
The Veer Union: Defying Gravity
Bellusira: Redemption queen
Seven Steps of Denial: One Eyed Ruler
Hexvessel: Earth Over Us
Perdition Winds: Cult Of Kain
KZOHH: Un Drapeau Noir sur L'eglise
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

16 Tammi 2016, 17:22

Tänään lauantaina Mölybdeenissä klo 19 alkaen soitossa mm. Borknagar, One Morning Left, Destroyers of All, Entombed A.D...
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

30 Tammi 2016, 18:27

Mölybdeeni 16.1.15
Hooded Eagle: There is No Goodness Left in this World
Hexvessel: When I'm Dead
Verrater: Vagrant
Sxuperion: Vibration V
Sharky Sharky: Play Outside (With My Best Friends)
Overdoze: The Last
Austaras: Threshold
Pile of Priests: Torture Chamber
Akasava: The Deep
Centipede: Black Mead
Fatal Impact: Manchurian Candidate
BizarrOtural: Post Traumatic Stress
Fifth to Infinity: Reapers Wake
Carthaun: Dicke berta heet ik
Destroyers Of All: Death Healer
Sons of Providence: The Perfect Lie
Zā Lä Thü: To Bind and Purge
Borknagar: Cold Runs The River
Entombed A.D.: Midas In Reverse
Ignite: This Is A War
The Mute Gods: Your Dark Ideas
Conrad Keely: Hills Of K-Town
Casualties Of Cool: Deathscope
One Morning Left: Heavy Metal Finland
Alien Syndrome 777: Black Box
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

16 Helmi 2016, 01:23

Mölybdeeni 30.1.16
Temple of Evil: Chalice of Impure Blood
Ecliptica: Welcome To The Show
Justice Theory: Necessary Evil
Senescence: Mourner`s Claim
Enzo and the Glory Ensemble: Benedictus
Wheel In The Sky: Rainbow Of Evil
Hällas: Insomnia
Amoth: Tattered Wings
Slap Betty: List of the hings I Hate
Grave Forsaken: Duluth Airbase Intruder
Wishing Well: Science Fiction
Among The Prey: Burning Down In Hell
Centrilia: Be A Voice Not An Echo
Hevisaurus: Juranoid
Speedy & Saku: Tuomiopäivä
One Morning Left: You're_dead!_Let's_disco
Wolfheart: Abyss
GUS G: What Lies Below
Amorphis: Three of ages
Triptykon: Boleskine house
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

20 Helmi 2016, 20:53

Mölybdeeni 20.2.16
Ted Kirkpatrick: War Pigs
Violent X: CPDS
A.H.P.(Against Human Plague): Homines In Igne Morti
Drama: Create Your Death
Ethereal Riffian: Beyond
Sinful Society: Psycho Bitch
Skeletoon: Heavy Metal Dreamers
AdVitam: Fall Of Collective Consciousness
End of Aeon: Pure Emptiness II
Entombed A.D.: Black Survival
(One Morning Left haastis)
One Morning Left: Fast and Furious 6.66
One Morning Left: The Recipe
Headspace: Kill You With Kindness
Serotonin Syndrome: Twelve Step Circle
Tendonitis: Clandestine
Ghost B.C.: Ritual
Opeth: The Grand Conjuration
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

18 Maalis 2016, 15:05

Mölybdeeni 5.3.16 (Heavyjuuserin levyhylly)
Barren Earth: On Lonely Towers
Arkhamin Kirjasto: Sleeping Beauty
Sentenced: Dead Moon Rising
Pain: Parallel to Ecstasy
Crematory: Reign Of Fear
Korpiklaani: Viinamäen Mies
Sepultura: Beneath the Remains
Swallow The Sun: Rooms And Shadows
Slayer: Dead Skin Mask
Katatonia: Rainroom
Arch Enemy: Ravenous
The Agonist: Disconnect Me
Nightwish: Alpenglow
Diablo: Prince of the machine
Stam1na: Kadonneet kolme sanaa
Ajattara: ...Putoan
Kvelertak: Mjød
Amon Amarth: Guardians of Asgaard
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

14 Huhti 2016, 17:34

Mölybdeenillä nyt myös Spotify soittolista:
Listalla yli 65 tuntia metallia! Käykää tilaamassa. Päivitän sinne aina lähetyksessä soineet kappaleet.

Mölybdeeni 19.3.16
(striimin lämmittely)
Druzhina: Psalm of the Void
AdVitam: Plagues Of Nothing
Perdition Winds: Cult of Kain
Darkestrah: Akyr Zaman

(virallinen setti)
Omnium Gatherum: Majesty and Silence
fubear.: Demons
Naryan: Together in This
A Soul Called Perdition: Into the Formless Dawn
Kuoleman Galleria: Syöverin Syleilyssä
Sarvas: Revelation Apparition
Port Noir: Diamond
Worship Of Keres: Book 3
Apelsinovaya Krevetka: нагромождение из сырых окорочков вместо лица
Inner Blast: Darkest Hour
Debunker: Logical Zombie
Colonnelli: Circo massacro
The Beast of Nod: When a Meganeura Flies
Angertea: The Song for Vengeance
AlNamrood: Tajer Al Punqia
Seven Steps of Denial: The Pursuit
Mad Hatter's Den: Through The Unknown
Universal Theory: The Most Attractive Force
Womack: Ain't No Thing
Dakesis: Destined For The Flame
Warlock: Kiss of Death
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

16 Huhti 2016, 21:26

Mölybdeeni 16.4.15
Darkend: Of The Defunct
Dakesis: Destined For The Flame
Alexanred: Zombie Virus
Volymian: Under a Million Stars
Steel Jungle: Light
Khroma: A Simple Lie
Agresiva: The Glorious Revolution
Matthias Steele: World of Sin
Deathtale: Before Blood Flows
(Evil Drive haastattelu)
Evil Drive: Screaming soul
Evil Drive: World Cleaners
Synthetic: Memories
Subliminal Fear: Evilution
Isolert: Frozen Mist
Live Burial: Sleep Paralysis
The Hypothesis: Shades To Escape
Babymetal: GJ!
The Howling Void: The Nine Worlds Wept
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

24 Huhti 2016, 00:52

Mölybdeeni 23.4.16
Auriga: The Ceasing Legacy of Utu
Babymetal: Tales of the Destinies
Abscendent: Nausea
Sun of Gaia: Blinding Light
Zeit: Kollektive Einsamkeit
Vetten Äpärät: Brothers Of Hate
Black Magic Fools: Grave Dancer
Peekaboo Primate: Heroine feat. Noora Louhimo
Clawhammer Abortion: Giving Up
Helslave: Morbid Compulsion
Lacerhate: Starving Revenge
Drought: Reveal the Unlight (Sudden awareness)
Astral Path: A Virulent Delusion
Stortregn: Aurora
Bailout: Your Strength
Media Solution: Stand My Ground
Chaos Plague: Fall Of Reason
Overtures: Artifacts
Kratos: The way out Now I choose
Advermix: The Power of the Perfect Line
Horricane: Synthetic Forms
Devolted: Broken Kings
Inferior: Continuous Resentment
Malevolentia: Etemenanki
Sxuperion: Crepuscule Devout Whore
Unhoped: Sonic Violence
The Closed Circle: Lilth's Kiss
Goddess: The Withering
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

28 Touko 2016, 16:37

Mölybdeeni 30.4.16
Between the Buried and Me: Extremophile Elite
Artic Plateau: Iceberg Shoegaze
Ashes of Ares: Dead Man's Plight
Beastmilk: The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
Daemonarch: Corpus Hermeticum
Deathstars: Blitzkrieg Boom
Demigod: God said suffer
Ghost: Secular Haze
Ram Zet: I'm Not Dead
Blood Ceremony: Children of the future
(Evil Drive haastattelu)
Evil Drive: Bullet
Evil Drive: Land of the Dead
Diablo Swing Orchestra: Black Box Messiah
Mr. Bungle: Squeeze Me Macaroni
Boney' NEM: Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday
Brujeria: Marijuana
Professori Heikkerö: Russia
Aarne Tenkanen: Töölön Sonni
Kotiteollisuus: Veisu

Mölybdeenin Spotify soittolista:
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

06 Kesä 2016, 19:18

Mölybdeeni 28.5.16
Thence: It is Truth That Liberaties
Fear Of Domination: El Toro
Whispered: Sakura Omen
Devil Gone Public: Blood Debt
Afsky: Velkommen til dødsriget
Rylos: Joker
Kamara: Tuntematon
Panychida: Josafat
Romuvos: For as Long as Enemies Lay in Defeat
Black Royal: Fireball
The Clearing Path: Wings Of Ascension
Lizzies: Speed on the Road
Highrider: Semen, Mud and Blood
Snake Tongue: Altar
Blood Region: Intergalactic Psychonaut
Dö: Everlast II
Sad Theory: Morte! Cínico! Expiação!
Silverbones: Raiders of the New World
Nightmen: Beach Party
Rämlord: Crow's Reach
Gebrechlichkeit: Die Verdammten der Hybris
Ethereal Riffian: Drum of the Deathless
La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore: Urlanti Demoni
Mhönos: Sequentia
Hypersonic: Love Is Pain
DarkHunters: The Burning Eyes of Vengeance
Mesarthim: Orbiting
Kommando: Kommandojugend
Ashbringer: Yūgen
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

08 Heinä 2016, 15:09

Mölybdeenin masemaanantai 6.6.16
Colosseum: Aesthetics of the Grotesque
Neurosis: Hidden faces
KYPCK: Белорусский снег
Demonic Death Judge: Cyberprick
Triptykon: Breathing
Kuolemanlaakso: Arpeni
Barren Earth: Chaos The Songs Within
Swallow The Sun: Abandoned By The Light
Candlemass: Hammer of doom
Penumbra: Moaning on earth
Diablo: Corium Black
Opeth: Beneath the Mire
Slipknot: Psychosocial
Insomnium: Collapsing words
Ajattara: Verivalta
Nightwish: Weak Fantasy
Arkhamin Kirjasto: Thousand Snakes
Drowning Pool: Bodies
Kreator: Phobia
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

06 Elo 2016, 15:01

Mölybdeeni 8.7.16
Névoa: II Contemplation
Arkadia: Spitting Image
Trautonist: Deep
Sojourner: Trails of the Earth
Hour of Anguish: Farewell to the Flesh
Iron Imperium: Dead Ahead
Korgonthurus: I.K.P.N
Forteresse: Forêt d'Automne
Neige et Noirceur: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
SystemHouse33: Namesake
Oceans Of Time: Nemesis
Zā Lä Thü: Your Seal I Burn
Denominate: Penumbra
Rectal Smegma: Shit Squirting Sandy
Rectal Smegma: Chocolate Milfshake
Rectal Smegma: Animal Panic Porn Planet
Nulla+: Negli Occhi
Paul Chain: Voyage to Hell
Steve Hackett: A Tower Struck Down (Live in Liverpool 2015)
Ayreon: School (Live in Rotterdam 2015)
Frangar: Bombe sopra a Gorla
Exanimatvm: Dispersiones y Tormento
Defuntos: A Eterna Dança da Morte
Mustan Kuun Lapset: Kuolemanvirta
Creinium: Passage To An Altered Portrait
Winterlore: Marching Hordes on Warpaths
Myth of a Life: Erinyes
The Pete Flesh Deathtrip: Burial Shore
Etrusgrave: Aita's Sentence
Today Forever: Rocket of Love
Rotting Obscene: Cataclysmic Advent
Vulvodynia: Genetically Reengineered Repugnance (feat. Matt Turkington)
Zephyra: As The World Collapses
Nerodia: No Crown for the Dead
Yarast: Rasputitsa
Subliminal Crusher: Condemned To Exile
Disclarity: Last Song
Belphegor: Der geistertreiber
Babymetal: Tales of the Destinies
Type O Negative: Summer Breeze
Disimballerina: That Is The Head Of One Who Toyed With My Honor
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

16 Syys 2016, 15:41

Mölybdeeni 6.8.16
Dissector: Mercy
Sintax: Let's Get Mental
Stormtide: Conquer the Straits
Witherscape: Divinity
Pain Of Salvation: Rope Ends (Remix)
Periphery: Habitual Line Stepper
Omegae Absolutae: Sepulchrum Astral Portal I
Smokey Fingers: Thunderstorm
Slammin Thru: Disguised Queen
Rekoma: Lambs Of Sacrifice
(Korpiklaani haastattelu)
Korpiklaani: Ämmänhauta
Myth of a Life: Broken
Inthyflesh: Through The Splendour Of Night
Pÿlon: Pantodynamos
Kausalgia: Sarastus
Guitar Force: Magical Power
Hellschwadron: Horizon of Destruction
Cryfemal: El Camino
Prosternatur: Scrying Mirror
Rattleplague: Goddess Of Plague
Harm: The Evil
Motorowl: Om Generator
Soilwork: The Phantom

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