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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

02 Maalis 2019, 00:39

Mölybdeeni 1.3.19
M.I.GOD.: Vertigo
Caustic Vomit: Intro - Immured In Devouring Rot
Inferitvm: Malleus Maleficarum
Męka: Forsaken
Zohamah: Broken Mirror
Embrional: Lord of Skulls
Wretched Fate: Writhe
Lazy Bonez: Tears of Gold
Negative Wall: Hybrid Genus Serpentis
Telümehtår: The Grey Wolf
Tempestarii: Shroud of Horns
Hazpiq: From Dust
Refusal: Disregard
Death Is Death: Death Wears Suit
Cil City: Freedom
Climate of Fear: Storming the heavens
Helevorn: Forgotten Fields
Destroyers Of All: Break the Chains
Ahl Sina: Miracle to Demise
Graveyard Shifters: Back to the grind
Plained: Erupted Material
Wolfhorde: Forged in Ice
Straytones: Dark Lord
Enime: Stay away
Ambrotos: Cosmic Annulus
Almøst Human: Naked Now
Kaamos Warriors: Ikuisen Talven Sarastus
Freedom Fuel: Can't Get Enough
Queensrÿche: Blood of the Levant
Heretical Sect: Punish The Christ
Wolf Counsel: Tomorrow Never Knows
Living The Fire: Gods Of War
Athanasia: Cyclops Lord
Mastord: Burden
Need2Destroy: Super Chango
Marianas Rest: Shadows
Dying Embers: Fields Of Fire
Porn: My Rotten Realm
Vulcanodon Phazer: Valkyrian Love
Public Grave: The Uprising Evil
Heretics Dream: A Price To Pay
M.I.GOD.: Titans Of The Void
Booby Trap: Full of Shit
The Old Fellow Bones: Four Flies On the Grey Velvet
Lucidity: Unveiled
Temple of the Fuzz: The Glowing of Satan
Nocturnal Hollow: Rotten Skull
Andeis: Skalkos blindons nahts
Mustan Kuun Lapset: Ikaros
The Grind Fever: Hope You Choke
Kaunis Kuolematon: Porteilla
2 Wolves: Tuhat Kertaa
Callejon: Palmen aus Plastik
Malevolent Creation: Canvas Of Flesh
Deserted Fear: Reflect The Storm
The Alligator Wine: The Flying Carousel
Hexvessel: Wilderness Spirit
Inner Shrine: Sakura

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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

27 Huhti 2019, 21:06

Mölybdeeni 27.4.19
Crestfallen Queen: Queen of Swords
Swim to Drown: Eclipse
Terrific Verdict: Lazy Jack
Unmasked: Home
De Lirium's Order: The Billion Year Contract
Thronehammer: Svarte Skyer Master
Sadism: This Burial Is Ours
Godhead Machinery: Above a Legion of Equals
Flashback Of Anger: Loaded Guns In Guitar Cases
Calico Jack: Grog Jolly Grog
Hellripper: Black Arts & Alchemy
Celophys: Papáver
Grave Violator: Back To The Cult
Countless Goodbyes: Faith In Me
Lost in Pain: The Great Illusion
Critical Extravasation: Sick Minds
Hedonihil: The Hedonist Anthem
Lyfordeath: Dawn Of Souls
Corrosive: Sleep Paralysis
Hootenanny Freaks: Storm is Rising
Tryer: Hunter S. Nixon
Othuum: The Anti Cosmic God
Schattenfall: Ein Riss durch alle Leben
Leash Eye: On Fire stream
Heavy Justice: Copy of Inmates
Angra Demana: Erode
Black Palle: Curse of Deadly Lake
Superdiesel: Memory Lane
Cabrio: Seed Of Deception
A Day in Venice: Her body rocks
Vargsheim: Söhne der Sonne
Appalling: Epileptic Sermon
Bastardizer: Whiskey til Death
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15 Kesä 2019, 11:56

Mölybdeeni 4.5.2019
Red Moon Architect: Kuura Pt. 3
Kneel: Lessening
Frust: Hoffnung
Inferno Noir: Sin Eater
Cosmogyral: Path of Ruin
Tasteful Turmoil: The Phantom Fear
Laang 冷: Zǐdàn Kǒng 子弹孔
Nocturnal Witch: Scorn And Wrath
The Grind Fever: Antidote
Vanish: Frame By Frame
Excruciation: Towards the Sun
Progeny of Sun: Birthrigh Oblication
All Caps: Chocolate Grinder
Soulline: The Fall
Delirium: Der schwarze Jobst II
Monolyth: A Brave New World
SystemHouse33: Lake Of Sorrow
Darchon: Moros
Lord Vicar: Black Lines
Xilla: You Crawl Master
Ciconia: Katabatic
Enchantya: Once Upon a Lie
Holocausto Canibal: Objectofilia Platónica
Wishfield: Shallow Heap
Temple of the Stars: Fields of Time
Odious: Split Punishment
Iced Earth: Iced Earth
Humanart: Invocation
Sacred Sin: Guilt has no past
Chine: Line in the Dirt
Mollo Rilla: End Times Preacher
Grenouer: Infinite Grace
Monolith: End Of Times
Queensrÿche: Man The Machine
Toxic Ruin: Tyrannical Demise
XT: I want love
Magnetic Spacemen: Streetboy
Belzebubs: Nam Gloria Lucifer
Obiisss: Paranoia
Unfair Fate: Send Us to Our Graves
Selfless Orchestra: Eden is Lost
Necrutero: Cemetery Of Doom
Black Pestilence: Vertex
Hellvadec: Iron Soul
Midnight Bullet: One Man War
Gravefields: Sulphur Injection
Deorc Absis: Epanastasis
Black Tape Suicide: Bloody Valentine
Gunpowder Gray: Cut ME Out
The Picturebooks: The Day The Thunder Arrives
Buckcherry: Head Like A Hole
Rogers: Hartes Leben (feat. Schmiddelfinger)
Tronos: Birth Womb
Martyrdöd: Bait and Switch
Devin Townsend: Hear Me
Type O Negative: Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

15 Kesä 2019, 22:48

Mölyn doom-etkot
Voidhaven: The Floating Grave
Absent/Minded: Shore
Forlet Sires: Dead Skin
Marianas Rest: The Deviant
Kval: Pohjanriitti
Oceanwake: Titanomachia

Mölybdeeni 15.6.19
Hermoromahdus: Valtias
Scythe For Sore Eyes: You C(o)unt
Horizons Edge: Demons
Death's-Head and the Space Allusion: Burning Desire
Kingbéast: Caving in
Dan Rider: Stronger
Chaos Factory: Juggernaut Is Coming
Blackwater Commotion: You'd Better Hide Out
UDK: Judge Me Wrong
SRL: Il Museo Delle Cere
Kaosis: Lowlife
Drontheim: Tre Lovløs Dager
Tormentor Bestial: Nephelins
Vladdermos: Darkness Comes Over The Transylvanian Hill
Black Dreams: Under My Skin
Porn: The Last Of A Million (Entropy Zero Remix)
Nachtfalter: Vollkommenheit
Dystocracy: From the Ruins of War (Year 6)
Übergang: Spiegelbild
Maniac Abductor: Hatebound
Giant Dwarf: Kepler
Necrotombs: Emptiness of Solitude
Necronomidol: Strange Aeons
Voidhaven: The Floating Grave
FallenTyrant: Bullshit Bombardment
Alase: Vapaaksi merkitty
Vorna: Syvyydet
Cipher: Nomad
Orbstruct: Utopian
Psychotool: See Them Die
Aphrodite: Pandora's Box Unleashed
At the Dawn: Dragon Heart
Atlases: Monolithe
Die on Friday: Chaos Theory
Sceptical Schizo: Hate No Control
Sanity Control: Swarm
Crush the Altar: Discastery Ruin
Reternity: Last Days Of War
Hellraise: Fairy Veil
Chronoform: Purist
Skånska Mord: Blinded By The Light
I Am The Arcane: Bibliophile
Blindberry Ghost: The Bridge
Godslave: T.N.A.
Vader: Angel of Death (Viimeinen biisi -äänestyksen toinen ehdokas: Metallica - One)
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Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

24 Elo 2019, 23:01

Mölybdeeni 22.8.19
Built-in Obsolescence: Biotronic
Rebel Machine: Fall Into Temptation
Detherous: Practitioners of Pain
Savage Messiah: Heretic In The Modern World
Soto: Origami
Port Noir: 13
Firespawn: The Hunter
Avatar: Hail the Apocalypse (Live in Paris 2018)
GosT: She Lives in Red Light
Tuple Salmela: Together
Atom Works: The Brothers Thirst
Bergang: Niemals zurück
Ruotomieli: Ei oo helppoo kun on vaikeaa
Sathamel: The Devil s Hand
Boatmans Toll: In the Falling Away
Hoofstomper: Drak (Metamorphoses)
Witch Ritual: Black Magic Rites
Grenouer: Medicine treats No Lies
Steelwings: Death Or Gold
Desecresy: Fringes of Existence
Avavago: Broken
Out Of Order: The Sniper
Morbus Grave: Abomination
Tytus: The Invisible
Red Dead Roadkill: Dying Day
Mean Machine: Don't Mess Around With the Boys
Unknown Decoy: The Men
Jesusegg: Anti-christamine
Curse of Denial: Faceless
The Rest Of Us Is Dead: Taken By The Sun
Needless: Starcult
Sculpted Horror: Night Terrors
Effigy: Darkest Day
Deceitome: Miasthmatic Breed
Abythic: Shrouded in Perpetual Darkness
Swarn: Molluscian Fever
Diskelmä: In The Shadow Of Dungeon
ZEX: Shot down in fire

Mölybdeeni 24.8.19
Radien: Haudat
Poroniec: Niedorzeczno ci
Arsantiqva: Magistrate of Doom
Amanita Virosa: Armias, Ole Huorani
Sorcery: Death is Near
Northern Genocide: Neon Antichrist
Twin Seeds - Parallel Knight
Baleful Abyss: Purgatory Of Conceitedness
Herrschaft: Behind This Smokescreen
Hive: Ritualized Crime
Insanity Cult: Noose Of The Black Moon
Mirrorplain: Listen Up
Fog Light: Partapää
Nor: Rea's tale
The End A.D.: Why Won't You Die
Crytivore - 50 Caliber Point Blank Massacre
Massive Destruktion: Ultimatum
Bro Jovi: Sanctuary of the Beast
Atomic Witch: Void Curse
The Riven: Edge of Time
The Ogre: Phantasmagoria
Wreck-Defy: Broken Peace
Ankhara: Un Buen D a Para Morir
In Thousand Lakes: Into the Mirror
Mutilatred: Snap Your Own Neck
Diabolical Mental State: Elements of War
Ivian: Exitus
Märvel - Powertrip
Dead Samaritan: Shadows of the Passed
Soul of Anubis: Emperor
Stealth Bomber: TxBxOxD
Horrid Apparition: Baphomet
Murderbird: Shining Star
Solace of the Void: Before the Throne of Beauty and Bone
Ethereal Riffian: Legends
Toxikull: Dark Glory
Resurrect Tomorrow - Bleed
Graveview: Descent Into Filth
Myrholt: Helgelandskysten
Mysterizer: No Return
[ B O L T ] (& Lavas Magmas): Sepsis Psychosis
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

25 Loka 2019, 13:05

Mölybdeeni 21.9.19
Cathari: Drown
Vanhelga: Drömlik Eufori
Blackstar Halo: The King
zhOra: Ruthless Bastards
Thrashfire: Through the Crimson Darkness
Shadecrown: Incomplete
Fateful Finality: They Breed The Dead
Black Mood: A Greate Deceit
Shadow Limb: Maelstroms Rebirth
Artificial S3lf: Rise Above
Golgotha: The Way to Your Soul
Mothers Tomb: Mutual Hostility
Nofilter: Silence to death
Wasted: Demons Re-Calling
Drawn By Evil: Another Sin Another Life
Van Alen: Supernova Ante Portas
Grond: Glacial Maelstrom
Graceless: In Thy Honour
Planistry: Man on the Moon
Obscure: Sunk into Oblivion
The Offering: Ultraviolence
Entombed A.D.: Hell Is My Home
Vitriol: A Gentle Gift
Baest: As Above So Below
Douaumont: Admittance Firmamentum Interiorem
Insomnium: Heart Like a Grave
Borknagar: The Fire That Burns
Implore: Never Again
Mayhem: Worthless Abominations Destroyed
Mass Worship: Spiritual Destitution
Tuple Salmela: Demon Alcohol
Omnium Gatherum: Chaospace
Lacuna Coil: Reckless
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

26 Loka 2019, 21:14

Mölybdeeni 26.10.19
Mantra: Mind
Implore: Parallax
Mayhem: Falsified And Hated
Borknagar: Into The White
Everfrost: Chainlace angel
Memoremains: Sorry
Norden: Młot bogów
Mass Worship: Below
SundaySong: Death Is Clever So Be Careful
Steavy Metal: Danger! Danger!
Depraver: Faustian Apex
Kalmo: Mustaa
Wraith: At the Stake
Goatburner: Drowned Alive
Phoenix Titan: Ride For Vengeance
Savaoth: Systasis
Cleric: Forever Coils The Serpent (Opener Of The Way)
The Scourge: One By One
Wömit Angel: Impaled in the name of grotesque triumph
Uivo Bastardo: Torment rio Ign fero
Somehow Jo: Heads And Tails
King Satan: Fuck Yoga
Djevel: Dreb Dem Alle Herren Vil Gjenkjenne Sine
Šamane: Ne Kutsuu Mut Luokseen Kuolemaan
Sentient Horror: Obsessive Killing Disorder
Infamy: Day of Retribution
The End A.D.: Junkie Logic
Dimman: 152
Phantasmal: Ruumis
Non Opus Dei: Diabeł posiał głód
Narrenwind: Tyrfing
Who Brought The Dog - Choking On Your Halo
Artificial S3lf: Psychotic Waltz
Heartlay: Acrookeddream
Algebra: Simulated Mind
Melangia - Rèquiem (part 7)
Motelli Skronkle: Kone
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

15 Marras 2019, 21:45

Mölybdeeni 15.11.19
Insomnium: Pale Morning Star
Magefa: New era of darkness
Black Dreams: Like a Cockroach
Godless Agenda: Kill the Cockroaches
Judaswiege: The Iron Maiden
Moribundo: Virgen
Sönambula: Conspiración Subterránea
Barbarian Swords: The Eternal Axe of the Goddess
Morknatt: I Have Sinned
Nibiru ordeal:Stardust
Crooked Horns: Aconitum Napellus
Dö: Cosmic Communion
Great Pacific Orchestra: Time Is A Window
Von2 Braun: Sähkövoima
Legion Of Bokor: Creature Of Brutality
Mystagogue: Here in the white Silence of the Dawn
Sonus Corona: Time Is Not On Your Side
JC Autobody: Horsepower
Ashen Horde: The Torture Cycle
War Dogs: Ready to Strike
Unanswered: Steel In My Shooter
Helleborus: Devils Garden
Space Parasites: Death is just a word
Morgengrau: Berge
Vadiat: Quarter Moon Chaos
Matterhorn: The Hornhead
Skullcrush: Buried And Forgotten
Toluca: Shax
Profanation: Unholy Brutality Unleashed
Kaamos Warriors: Ruins of Hope
Eskimo Callboy: Hurricane
Hideous Divinity: Actaeon
Leprous: Foreigner
Bent Knee: Cradle Of Rocks
Ray Alder: Shine
Mortem Atra: Mirror
Ei: Ekosysteemi tai kuolema
Deivos: Victims
Unbounded Terror: Insidious
Gone are the Days: Burnt Down Roses
Babymetal: In the name of
Babymetal: Distortion
Stam1na: Kajo
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

21 Helmi 2020, 21:51

Mölybdeeni 18.1.2020
Apotheus: Under a New Cloudy Sky
Deadly Carnage: Facing the path to eternity
Neverlight: In the Mirror
Skullcrysh: Buried And Forgotten
Façade: Mask
Resonance: Wasteland
The Ogre: Phantasmagoria
Emerald Shine: Where Life s Been Ruined
My Funeral: Nuclear Storm
StoneSoul: Aftermath
Daemoniac: The Beginning of Chaos
Kalt ||Weiss: Lichtgestalt
Carlos Lichman: Museu Julho de Castilho
Battlesword: Through Thy Shadows
Chaos Path: Der Blutmarsch
Trinity: Damnable Desire
Beast Of Damnation: Crush Gothic Faggot Scum
Necropsy: Butcherado
Condemned to Dream: The Rest of Me
L'Homme Absurde: Separation
MXD: Black Metal Shopping List
Vampyromorpha: Cannibal Musical
Dead End Finland: Born Hollow
Infinitas: Utukki
Iku-Turso: Sapphire Dreams
Carmilla: Surrender or Die
Magnolia: Almas Perdidas
Intoxicate: Crawling Forward
Blood Incantation: Slave Species Of The Gods
Tribulation: Lady Death (Live at Södra Teatern)
Grave Pleasures: Deadenders (Live At Roadburn Festival 2018)
Long Distance Calling: In The Clouds (Live from Hamburg 2019)
Iced Earth: Pure Evil (Live In Athens 1999)
Bombus: A Ladder - Not A Shovel
Red Death: Path Of Discipline
Hatred Inherit: No heaven
Dark Fortress: Despise the Living
Metal De Facto: The Conqueror
Mimesis: The Mirror
Algebra: Quantum God
Valcata: 3-2-1
Bolg: Romans
Sophist: Unholy Dissolver
Weight Of Emptiness: Eleven Ravens
Nobody: The Feathered Serpent
Voidfallen: Voidfallen
Holycide: Vultures
Apocryfal: Kello Kirja Ja Kynttilä
Rodent With Glasses: Sickkk
Ciminero: Cultto Notturno
Rosewood: No Avail
Nightfear: A Better World
Suum: Creatue From the Vault
Aseptic: I Rot Away
Dysemblem: New Moon Fields
Bestial Invasion: Memories. The rchitect of the Universe
Moloken: Hollow Caress
NeoNémesis: Reflejo del Caos ft. Gustavo Due as Descomunal Jordan Narano 3vol
Second Brain: The Key
Celesti Alliance: Incomplete
Miles To Perdition: S.O.M.A
Throne Ov Blood: Kvlt Ov The Goat
Ian Blurton: Night Of The Black Goat
Teutouburg Forest: Malkuth Transforms into Lilith
Macabre Demise: Prelude to Kill
Plague: Portal Into Reality
Blåådpalt: Red Shores
Machinations Of Fate: Rendering Fragments of Loss
Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf: Thy Graveless Soul
Val Tvoar: Dancing with the flames
Totenheer: Hoellenbrut
Slowburn: Still in the Fight
Miseria Ultima: Insolence
Comaniac: Head Of The Snake
Enoch: Stranger
Graceless: Retaliation of the Wicked
SDI: Freeride
Straight Hate: Degraded Modern Society
Hot Graves: Dead Wizard Mountain
Selfless Orchestra: Eden is Lost
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

22 Helmi 2020, 22:07

Mölybdeeni 22.2.2020
Necrophiliac: Inhabitants of the Red Forest
Thokkian Vortex: Thy Throne is Mine
Zeit: Menschmaschine
Martin Templum Domini: Through The Hades
Nexorum: Death Unchained
Arcaine: Tyrants
Grave Bathers: Death Hand Master
O Zorn!: Loved
Apocryfal: Kirkonväki
Blister Brigade: Venomous Twister
Kaos Krew: SS Helion
[Akurion]: Bedsores To The Bone
Angerot: Coalesced with Wickedness
Ghost Toast: Follow
Abrupt Demise: Mutual Mutilation
Pale Mare: Zealot
Chrome Ghost: Visions
Sarcator: Desolate Visions
Schattenfall: Abschied
Skam: Millstone Gallows
Commando: Ichi Ni San
Blowtorch: Asses on shoulders
Bailout: A Crack in the Mirror
Exlibris: Shadowrise
Svart Crown: At The Altar Of Beauty
Bonded: Rest In Violence
Lorna Shore: Death Portrait
Dark Fortress: Pazuzu
Demons & Wizards: Dark Side Of Her Majesty
Sons Of Apollo: Fall To Ascend
Beneath the Massacre: Absurd Hero
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead: Into the Godless Void
Psychotic Waltz: Pull The String
Lucifer Star Machine: Eat Dust
Infirmum: Silence
Untitled With Drums: Stasis
Sallow Moth: Ancient Grudge
Stortregn: Moonshade
Rämlord: Hell Is Here and Now
Babylonfall: Blood Will Be My Crown
Banisher: Echoes
Heaven Shall Burn: My Heart And The Ocean
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

03 Huhti 2020, 22:17

Mölybdeeni 3.4.2020
Wells Valley: Hypostasis
Heaven Shall Burn: Children Of A Lesser God
Trauma: The Black Maggots
Slowburn: Head in a Box
Thokkian Vortex: Godspeed Satan
Hanging Garden: Fear, Longing, Hope and the Night
Servant Leader: Siamese
Wishing Well: Do Or Die
Aevum: Tair
Grim Fate: Abominations
Asarhaddon: Der Aufstieg
Rough Grind: State of Play
Subtype Zero: Six Paths of Pain
Korgonthurus: Yön lapsi
Ajna: Spiral
Virocracy: Solitude
Eilera: She Makes Waves
Joviac: Black Mirror
The Nest: Nevermore
Curse: The Awakening.. and the old
Sovereign: Paroxysm Of Madness - Darkness
Body Count: No Remorse
Wolf: Guillotine
Lucifer: Coffin Fever
Napalm Death: White Kross
The Alligator Wine: Voodoo
Aborted: Serpent of Depravity
Sodom: Down on Your Knees
Unanimated: Ruins
D Aphelium: Mörkrets seger
Demonic Death Judge: Flood
Inherently Lost: Senseless Sacrifice
Nicumo: Dark Rivers
Among Your Gods: Your choice
Hyperion: Fall After Fall
Endless Forms Most Gruesome: Viral Bloodlust
OzNor: Contemplations
Comaniac: Narcotic Clan
Conflict - Decision Code (feat. Alex Blake)
Kamara: Tämäkin vielä (feat. Timo Rautiainen)
I Saw The Deep: Vimana
Nytt Land: Seven Spirits in White Coats
Two Face Sinner: Servants of Blind Faith
River Of Souls: Of Pit And Snare
Nytt Land: Sortunut ääni (feat. Jonne Järvelä)
Arch Enemy: My Apocalypse
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

16 Touko 2020, 23:00

Mölybdeeni 16.5.2020
3xperimental: Fire
Tombstoner: Filth Hole
SuidAkrA: Havoc
Degenerate: Waves
Blood and Brutality: Pronouncing Death
Nawabs Of Destruction: Rising Vengeance
Inner Blast: Can I believe
Thergothon: Who Rides the Astral Wings
Keverra: Object to Be Destroyed
Manes: Young Skeleton
Lady Beast: Betrayer
Torn in Half: Lord of suffering
A Day in Venice: Lights
Aposento: Samhain - The Night of Ignis Fatuus
Hyems: In diesem Graben
Frust: The Advent of Adhara
Greyhawk: Don't Wait For the Wizard
Ravenlight: The Wild Hunt
Burn Damage: Inception
TreaTmenT: As Above So Below
Al Namrood: Kail Be Mekialain
Black Pestilence: Hellfire
Dawnwalker: Towpath
Fraser Edwards: Stop Saying We Sound Like Dra
Challenger: Turned to Dust
Ignea: Jinnslammer
Horisont: Runaway
Hornwood Fell: The Spiritual Dawn
Bleed from Within: Night Crossing (feat. Matt Heafy)
Caligula's Horse: Slow Violence
Purtenance: Inside the Pyre of Enlightenment
Vainaja: Polku
Random Eyes: Divide et impera
Pattern-Seeking Animals: Here in My Autumn
Sickening Horror: Monarch
Lucid Conformity: Age of Abhorrence
Karnivore: Murder dungeon
Aborted: Serpent of Depravity
The Alligator Wine: Voodoo
Spirit Adrift: Hear Her
Naglfar: Vortex of Negativity
Sacramentum: When Night Surrounds Me
Enshadowed: Blackend Mouth Of Despair
Iku Turso: Ashes
Deathing: All Hail The Decay
Fatum Aeternum: Toy
Mustasuo: Tuhoaja
Mors Principium Est: Another Creation
Amon Amarth: Victorious March
Offspring: Get it Right
Cult of Luna: To be Remembered
The Haunted: Them
Dio: Die young
S-tool: Ego Cancer
Amorphis: Alone
Ghost: Kiss the Go-Goat
Ministry: Jesus Built my Hotrod
Apocalyptica (ft. Nina Hagen): Seemann
Hammer Of The Sky: Valkoista tuhkaa
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

19 Kesä 2020, 20:01

Mölybdeeni 19.6.2020
Entartung: Bortfoerd
Universal Disorder: As The Eternal Secrets Of The Cosmos Unfold
Triptykon with the Metropole Orkest: Rex Irae (First appeared on 1987’s “Into The Pandemonium” album by Celtic Frost)
Heikki Hakkarainen: Marsipaani
Unanimated: The Depths Of A Black Sea
Bleed From Within: Night Crossing
Caligula' s Horse: Oceanrise
Johanna Rutto: You Can’t See Me
Pattern-Seeking Animals: Why Don't We Run
Mustasuo: Tuhoaja
Raatokärpäset: Kauhu
Cuttin' Edge: Accident Emergency
Lesoir: Somebody Like You
Ice War: Crucified in Fire
Halysis: Ephemeral
Torchlight Parade: Golgotha
Greenmachine: Underdone
Sinisthra: Closely Guarded Distance
Viestit: 149
Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41

30 Elo 2020, 00:07

Mölybdeeni 29.8.2020
Wills Dissolve: Echoes
Astral Sleep: Schwerbelastungskörper
Bisönte: Ancestral Punishment
Väki: Painajaisten syleilyssä
Abyss: Din Of Celestial Birds
Meridian Dawn: Fever Syndrome
Nobody: Unholy Intoxication
Pazuzu: The Fallacy of the Cursed Empire
Heathen Beast: Fuck Your Police Brutality
The Lightbringer: Crystallization
Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork: Stellar Master Elite - Freewill Decrypted
Victoria K: Mist Filled Sky
Decrepid: Phobos Descent
Sanity Control: Good dogs
Horizon Of The Mute: Aeons of Deception
DreamSpy: Sidetracktrain
Black Altar: Ancient Warlust
Kirkebrann: Faux Pas
Pekla: Goddamn Suicide Zombies
Johanna Rutto: Eternal Storm
Volcanova: Sushi Sam
Angel Morgue: Raped in Church
Skyfall: Gloomy Horizon
Limos: Altars
Extinctionist: Like Obsidian
Aeterna Tenebrae: L'évêché maudit
Fleshdriver: Kingdom Of Rats
Leeko Norsu: Kato peiliin
Kilanerin: A War Against The World
Vermilia: Hauras, Kuollut, Kaunis
weg: 90 Degrees (Acoustic)
Rückwater: Paragon of Bullshit
Säteilijä: Tuhotaan yö
Begrafven: Slav
Mortis Mutilati: Rising Souls
Vug: Easy
Sinisthra: Morningfrail
Ossuary Anex: Revelation
Blitzkrieg Baby: Just Another Throat To Slit
Besna: Cesta Krvi
Possession: Shades of Death
Denominate: Desolation
Idiot Robot: Everytime
Black Beast: Riding on Wings of Death
Dethlehem: Beware the Mimic
Saints Of Death: God Can't Help You Now
Undead: City of Silence
Magni: Pagan Vastlands
The Lightbringer: Enchantment
The Hawkins: Stranger in the Next Room
Code Heresy: Lavey 6:66
Night: Give Me to the Night
Körgull the Exterminator: Battle Ram
Agon: Strip the Power
Funeral For Two: Sculpture of a Demon
VokodloK: O.f.
Walkins Boreal: Ashes
Black Communion: Blood Deluge
Blasphemous Putrefaction: Necromantic
Incarnate Deity: Stygian Oppression
Rat Boogie: Some kind of light
Shrapnel Storm: First Blood
Abatuar: Perversa Psicopat a De Infantes Homicidas Que Juegan Con Sangre Y V sceras
Law of Contagion: Cult of the Damned
Nomvdic: The last 3 months have felt like one long, bad dream and everyday I hope I'm going to wake up
Kámel: Beast
Dephosphorus: Absurd Aftermath
Amoth: The Man Who Watches The World Burn
Noumena: Ajaton
Veritas: Morbid Stale
Shotgun Rodeo: Echo Chamber
Megascavenger: The Beckoning of the Rats
Garth Arum: Finally in the abyss
Torchia: Jäämaa
The Nearlies: Two-Twenty
Soulwound: Enter the Hivemind
Marche Funèbre - The Eye of the End
OOZE: Faulty Feeling of Demise
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08 Tammi 2021, 12:01

Mölybdeeni 17.10.2020
Ascian: Colder
Sarcator: Midnight Witchery
Hiidenhauta: Petäjä
Memoira: Hunter's Moon
Hanging Fortress: Blood Mountain
D.O.L: Devil Is In The Details
Vampire: Wiru-Akka
Voivod: The Unknown Knows (Live Montreal Jazz Fest)
Wilderun: The Tyranny of Imagination
Imperial Triumphant: The Greater Good
Black Crown Initiate: Sun of War
Avatar: Colossus
Finntroll: Mask
Necrophobic: Darkside (Live 2020)
Skeletal Remains: Tombs Of Chaos
Chronoform: Mirrors
Oceans Of Slumber: Total Failure Apparatus
Dead Lord: Evil Always Wins
Eskimo Callboy: MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)
Mad Sin: Hallucinate
Haken: Messiah Complex II: A Glutton for Punishment
Long Distance Calling: True / Negative
Frost*: Exhibit A
Lonely Robot: Keeping People As Pets
Sanctuary: One More Murder
Derek Sherinian: The Phoenix
Dorothy Polonium: Red Mercury
Neal Morse: Building A Wall
Nasty: 666AM
Among Phantoms: Anticipation
Carnal Ruin: Scholomance
Horripilant: Pulsions
Incinerated: Desecration
Curimus: God Eater
Jo Below: Bet On
Kneel: Abacination
False Gods: Enemy Territory
Peculiar Three: Leap Of Faith
Aisumasen: Auspice
Scimitar: Flayed on the Birch Rack
Blood of Angels: The Messenger
Jørg Klein: D-N-A
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02 Helmi 2021, 14:33

Mölybdeeni 9.1.2021
Sorcier Des Glaces: Un Monde de Glace et de Sang
Humanity Is Cancer: Beyond Salvation
Memoremains: Riot In the Crowd
Anthropic: Shoot to Kill
Hell Freezes Over: Burn Your Life
Counting Hours: To Exit Al False
Hegeroth: Raise Your Voice
Incursion: Fade To Black
Bakken: Evil Walks This Way
Star Insight: It's All Lies
Perdition Sect: Missed Information
Sick Society: You Are No One
Slow Fall: When the Suns Collide
Thrash Wall: Insanity Alert
Keiser: Far from Human
Schizophrenia: Schizophrenia
Omnivortex: Lifeharvester
Apathy Noir: The Sunken Place
Mike Masser: Dogs of war
Case 39: Grandsons of Elvis
Suicide Of Society: War Investment
Mollo Rilla: Punk Song
Atlases: Solarist
Asyllex: Frostbitin
Act of Creation: Break New Ground
Booby Trap: No More
Dormanth: Tragicomic Day
Garth Arum: Finally in the abyss
Bom Lulu: Muistan kuinka meillä oli ennen
Leviathan: Someone Else's Art
Isabel de Sade: Not Even You
Final Dawn: The Fisherman
Worthless: The Mighty Madness
Children of Bodom: Bed of Razors
Rambomesser: Metal Battle
Disgusting Perversion: Eternity of Death
Elvenscroll: Statue of Goddess
Hurriganes: Roadrunner
Hurriganes: Get On
Samuli Federley: Finlandia
Viking Queen: Blood of the viking
Averlanche: Hate
Wildfire: Utter Chaos
Shrines Of Dying Light: Saddest Man - Sadness
Corrupted Saint: Embalmed Alive
Strydegor: Lucid
Recently Vacated Graves: Devoured in Decay
Stud: Demon's Gate
Hautajaisyö: Uhraus
Black Vatican: The Alchemist
Sardonic Witchery: Die For Satan
SDI: Quickshot
Verglas Sanglant: Temp te de Tourments
Serrated: Sifting Through the Remnants
Heretical Sect: The Depths of Weeping Infinity
Wyrmwoods: Karamoon
King Mothership: Death Machine
Spirit Adrift: Harmony Of The Spheres
Ghøstkid: Start Fight
Dark Tranquillity: Transient
Soulburn: Anarchrist
Pain Of Salvation: Idioglossia
Iced Earth: Written On The Walls (Remaster 2020)
Devin Townsend: War (live in London 2019)
Serpico: Midnight Cowboy
Auro: Von Flammentod und Wiederkehr
Plaguebreeder: I Believe in Misanthropy
Rylos: Hive
Ende: Jurant la peste
Incognosci: Tales Of Insanity
Lethe - Gamma
Verglas Sanglant: Interlude
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05 Helmi 2021, 23:55

Mölybdeeni 5.2.2021
NAR: Prova Tan Nar
Three Eyes Left: Sulfur
Aisumasen: The Diamond is There
Voivod: Iconspiracy (Live in Quebec City Summer Fest)
Dream Theater: Scene Four: Beyond This Life (Live at Hammersmith Apollo, London, 2020)
Riverside: Hyperactive (Live In Tilburg)
Black Paisley: Damned
Sollust: Blame Yourself
Dira Mortis: Forward To The Abyss
Extirpation: (Inevitable) Sufference
Sombria: Mirror of God
Wizards Of Hazards: Children Of The Damned
Kaamos Warriors: Kuilu
Corrosium: I Remain
Exarsis: Aiming The Eye
Waking Dream: Broken Heart
Cemetery Dwel: Prison of All Light
Unbounded Terror: Slaves of Sufferage
Peste Umbrarum: Dead To World
Einvigi: Synty
Across Antarctica: Contact
Dead Shape Figure: The Worship Of Ashes
Gut Gut: Alicen
Liminal Shroud: Erupting Light
Bloodkill: False Face
Return To Void: Silence Foresters
Nihilum: The Revenant
Urfeind: Inner Rampage
Dawn of Tyrants: Razors at the Throats of Redemption
Deathgoat: Chainsaw Abortion
Castrofate: COVID 1984 Realm Wide Plandemic
Blood Of Us: Blood Of Us Fades to Gray
Warzaw: Werewolves on Wheels
Siren: Fuel Injected Suicide
Triumph: Survial Oath
Panssarituho: Totalitääristä Sotaa
Terminarch: Transforming To Nowhere
Blakkphang: Knife Killer
Betrayed: Our Option
Ho Chi Minh: Stay Away
Project Alcazar feat. Chris Steberl: Lost In Centralia
Unfleshed: Inherently Dead
Hån: Goatman
Los Males Del Mundo: Eternal Circle of Vains Efforts
Sertraline: Eyes as Tableau
Angriff: Acolytes of Hardship
Aisumasen: A Ray of Darkness
Rioghan: Enough
Paranorm: Intelligence Explosion
Wolfredt: Walrus Song
Blasphematory: Remains of the Despised
Omination: Necropolis, the Backbone
Tenebro: Il Lamento dei Malati
Sapata: Circle
Mirzadeh: Valakea
Final Void: Unholy Grasp
Betrayed: The Message
Nematomorphos: Tortured Mind
Frozen Soul: Encased In Ice
Helsinki Horizon: Fragments
Børeal: Homo Homini Lupus
Enemy Awake: The Vampire
Skinning: Sadistic Butcher
Ranger: Guerrilla
Necroweasel: Poltan itseni loppuun
Feskarn: Parasite
Celestial Sanctuary: Suffer Your Sentience
Ephemerald: Lost
Perennial Isolation: Through fire upon fire
Illness - Kingdom of Rats
Camera Obscura Two: Swamp Angel
Terrordome: Your Personal Comfort Versus the Global Disaster
Stone Mammoth: Paralyzed Time
Tommy Gibbons: Cyber Kaiju
Coffin Mulch: Septic Funeral
Miseria Ultima: Allegiance
Ulvegr: Askevind
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